5V/50mA Coin Cell Battery Test Analyzer

5V/50mA Coin Cell Battery Test Analyzer

8 Channel Coin Cell Battery Test Analyzer.

Each channel of the analyzer has independent constant-current and constant-voltage sources, which can be programmed and controlled by computer software.

Can be used in most applications in battery testing field such as electrode material research, battery performance testing, small scale battery formation, capability grading, battery pack testing, etc.

It is suitable for all kinds of coin cell batteries such as lithium battery, NI-MH battery, Zn-Mn watch battery etc.



  • Source voltage : AC 220V/110V ±10% / 50Hz
  • Input impedance : ≥1G Ω
  • Input power : 25 W
  • Channel characteristics : Constant current source and voltage source double closed loop independent structure
  • Channel control mode : Independent control
  • Voltage range per channel : Charge : 25mV-5V, Minimum discharge volatage: -5V, Accuracy :± 0.05% of FS, stability:± 0.05% of FS
  • Current:  Range per channel: Range1: 5μA-1mA; Range2: 1mA-25mA; Range3: 25mA-50mA, Accuracy : ± 0.05% of FS, CV Cut-off current: Range1: 2μA; Range2: 50μA; Range3: 100μA, Stability:± 0.05% of FS
  • Output power per channel : 0.25W
  • Current response time : 500μs (10%FS~90%FS)
  • Step time range : 1s-365*24h, Time format : 00:00:00(H:Min:S)
  • Data Record : Min data record interval:100ms, Min voltage change: 10mV, Min current change: Range1: 2μA; Range2: 50μA;Range3: 100μA, Frequency: 10Hz
  • Charging mode : Constant current charge, constant voltage charge, constant current and voltage charge
  • Discharging mode : Constant current discharge, constant power discharge
  • Conditions of constraint : Time, voltage, current, capacity
  • Cycle range :  1-65535 times
  • Steps per cycle : 254
  • Protection : Power-down data protection, off-line test function and  safety condition setting protection
  • Noise : ≤85dB
  • Channel number per unit : 8
  • Dimension(L*W*H) : 380*330*44mm
  • Working temperature/humidity : 0℃-40℃ ≤70%RH