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Cambridge Energy Solutions was born over 10 years ago from need. Frustrated with sourcing difficulty of getting relevant materials and the high prices to be paid for battery research consumables at a time we were still researchers at the University, we decided to take matters in our own hands, expand our horizons and search round the world for materials with better quality and price. The key element that sparked the search was the coin cell case.

Somewhat by chance, a conversation came up with colleague at another department that was just about to place a large order for coin cells to their usual supplier. At the spark of the moment, ended up deciding there was a business case and we provided some samples to be tested out. And as they say, the rest is history!

Starting off initially as a side hustle, over the years, customer trust and the battery boom, have led the business to grow, and there now dedicated staff and logistics operations to handle the growing demand! We now supply not only in the UK, but also the top institutions and companies in Europe and globally. Our recent developments in Asia means we are now able to cater for that market as well as being close to the supply chain.

Our mission is now to support global development of energy technologies by reducing barriers to development, simplifying logistics and adding knowledge and value to everything we do. While we work with a number of manufacturers, we don´t have special incentives for any, and will always honestly recommend the best product for your application, even if that is not one of ours. If you have any suggestions for improvement, please do get in touch.

Although many of our most popular products are very common consumables such as metal foils and coin cells, we are constantly updating our catalogue to keep up with the latest research trends. So if there’s something you need and have difficulty sourcing, try as out!

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