Lithium Metal Punching Tool


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Lithium Metal Punching Tool

This is a punching tool for the hyperactive lithium metal used as a cathode.  It has a plastic die in order to avoid fire.



  • Model No. : KTE-20L-A
  • Dimensions: 125 mm (W) x 150 mm (D) x 195 mm (H)
  • Weight : approximately 3 kg
  • Punching Shape : 2032 coin cell size ∅ 16 mm
  • Japanese product. Available in various shapes such as round/doughnut/square


Instructions for Operation:


  1. Place the lithium metal on a nonactive material such as a polypropylene plate.
  2. Place the lithium metal that needs to be cut on the lower die.
  3. Push down the lever until the gap between the upper and lower dies is the same as the lithium metal (don’t push down too far to avoid burrs deformations)
  4. Push down the lever completely after turning over the punching tool.
  5. Pick up the lithium metal on the bottom of the tool.



Please be careful when handling the hyperactive lithium metal. It may catch fire very easily.