Automatic Vacuum Cylindrical cell Electrolyte Filling Machine

Automated electrolyte filling for cylindrical cells

  • It is used for the vacuum electrolyte filling of various cylindrical cell cases including CR123, 18650, 26650, 32650 and AA by simply changing tray type.
  • Vacuum injection, the number of batteries in the tray: 80, divided into two vacuum boxes B, each vacuum box can be placed in one tray, 80 batteries per tray, a total of 160batteries can be placed at the same time.

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Description of the working procedure:

  • Once the battery is out of baking oven, they are placed onto the infusion tray, 80 batteries per tray, a total of 2 sets of trays can be placed in one cycle.
  • The tray with the battery installed is placed in the position of the liquid filling machine
  • Press the start switch, the sealing cover is lowered to seal the chamber with the tray. After the sealing is completed, vacuuming and injecting cycle are performed, based on user configuration. The machine is equipped with 2 double-headed injection pumps. 4 liquid injection heads, so that the automatic liquid injection module only needs to take the X parallel line to complete the whole set of electrolyte injection procedures.
  • After the cycle is completed, the tray is manually taken out and the next cycle is entered;
  • The operation panel adopts the form of touch screen, which is convenient and simple to operate, and the condition of the device is displayed in real time.

Remarks: The vacuuming time and the standing time can be set.