Compact Vacuum Mixer w/ Pump & Vibration Stage

AX2000 is designed to produce coating slurry by mixing the small batch of chemicals and compound (500 ml Max) under vacuum to remove gas bubbles and protect the sample from oxidation. It has a built-in pump that can vacuum the mixing container to -0.08Mpa and the step-less mixing speed @ 320rpm. The vibration plate is located at the bottom to remove the gas bubble before vacuum mixing and disperse the slurry after mixing. It is excellent for preparing battery electrode paste in a material research lab. It is compact and can fit in a glovebox with N2 gas (No Ar).

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Voltage Input Single Phase 220VAC(110 available on request)
Power 150W
Rotary Speed 320 rpm
Mixing Container
  • Two vacuum-sealed containers are included. One 150ml stainless steel and one 500ml aluminium set
  • The mixing blade is built-in to the top of the container
  • The metal filter prevents solid particles into the vacuum pump
  • Other containers are available, e.g. 30ml. Please check website or contact us for information on other containers.
Vacuum pump & Vacuum Level
  • Built-in single stage vacuum pump
  • Vacuum Level: -0.08~0.09 Mpa
Mixing Time 0~99 Minutes Adjustable
Vibration Plate Vibrating at 1000 Hz
Dimensions 33cm L x 30.5cm W x 53cm H
Net Weight 30 kgs
Shipping Dimensions 100cm L x 63cm W x 75cm H
Shipping Weight 43 kgs
Vacuum Oil Tank Refill
  • Notice: Operating the mixer with insufficient oil will damage the pump. Check the oil level window on the right side of the machine. If there is less than half a tank of oil, refill oil from the oil tank opening on the top of the machine.
  • Refill the tank to have oil level above half full indicated by the red dotted line in the picture to the left.
  • Please click to order High Vacuum Pump Oil / Hydrocarbon oil.
  • The mixer is not suitable for long time use.  suggest max. running time is < 60 minute for each running
  • This mixer is not suitable for use in Ar atmosphere glovebox! Please get in touch should you need glove box use.
Warranty & Compliance One year limited with lifetime support
CE certified


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