Planetary Centrifugal Mixer SK-300SII

Lab version mixing and degassing machine which enables easy operation with fixed rotation speed ratio against revolution speed.

Planetary mixers are ideal for getting the most homogeneous slurries in the hardest conditions and provide very quick mixing compared to traditional methods, typically in a few minutes. For more on this method see here.

The process is fully scalable and different versions of the machine go up to 20kg batches.

300ml/310g × 1 cup

300ml × 1 cup


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Mode setting according to the application

SK-300SII, the new Medium mode has been added to the existing “mixing mode/degassing mode”.Easy operation is maintained, it offers a wider range of applications and a selection of modes suited for the material.



Equipped with a balance navigation function

The balance can be adjusted easily for the unbalance detection and balance navigation functions.


Compatible with 300 ml containers/max. 310 g

Despite its compact size, this model can be used to process 300 ml containers weighing a maximum of 310 g (gross weight)!!

Designed with a full range of safety functions

This unit is designed with such considerations for safety as top lid lock, operation lock during while the lid is open and a malfunction prevention mechanism. In addition, the unbalance error detection and a full range of functions for warning and notifying of motor problems or maintenance set alarm with peace of mind.

Unique mechanisms to the SK-300SII

■ Medium mode
Due to the lower ratio of rotation speed makes mixing heat sustained, so even heat sensitive materials can be used.

■ Wave mode
The speeds of revolution and rotation makes up and down(fast and slow) like wave motion, which results in more enhanced and efficient mixing and dispersing.