Glass Fiber Separator with High Porosity

Fiberglass diaphragm comprised primarily of glass microfibers and are produced with a wet laid process similar to that used for production of paper. With strong oxidation (acidic and alkaline) resistance and high temperature resistance, these separators are popular in Na and Zn battery research. Standard rolls are 60 and 120mm wide x 5m in length.


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Dry drawing process production. Excellent acid and alkali resistance and resistance to most chemicals. Homogeneous pore structure with high chemical and thermal stability. Suitable for all kinds of battery applications, popular with zinc and sodium based research. Excellent oxidation resistance helps with cycle and trickle charging performance

Main Characteristics
Thickness (100 kPa) (mm) Width (mm) Average Aperture (mm) Kg/m2 Combustibles
OYH14-60 0.29 ± 0.01 60 1.65 66 0.00%
OYH14-120 0.29 ± 0.01 150 1.63 66 0.00%




Other sizes, lengths are available on request.



60mm, 120mm