Hard Carbon Coated Al Foil for Na-ion Battery anode

This electrode sheet is based on aluminum foil coated with hard carbon on a single side and is used as a anode electrode of a Na-Ion battery.
There are 5 sheets in a package bag.


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  • Total Area: 241 mm L x 200 mm W x 110 um T
  • Coating Area: 241 mm L x 175 mm W (Left and Right-hand side 12.5 mm without coating)
  • Single side coating
  • Coating thickness: 110 um
  • Current collector (substrate): Aluminum foil, 16 um thickness
  • Coating material: Hard Carbon
  • Coating density: 8 mg / cm^2
  • Aluminum substrate density: 4.34 mg / cm^2
  • Active Material Proportion: 94.8%
  • Specific Capacity: 400 mAh/g
  • Qty: 5 sheets / bag



Single sided, Double sided