Kuraray Activated Carbon powder YP-50F

“KURARAY COAL”  YP Series is a Japanese coconut-shell activated carbon product that is the industry standard for high performing Electron Double Layer Capacitors (EDLC). It is designed to exhibit excellent characteristics, such as high performance, high reliability, and stable quality. This particular grade is designed for higher energy capabilities.

200g pack


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High surface area activated carbon

Basic Properties 

Items Method YP-50F
Surface Area (m2/g) BET 1,692
Bulk Density (g/mL) JIS 0.3
Moisture (%) JIS 0.5
Ash (%) JIS 0.2
pH ( – ) JIS 8.4
Metal (Fe) (ppm) JIS 11.0
Size Distribution (μm) Laser diffraction scattering
D10 1.9
D50 5.6
D90 9.7